New Zoning Requirements for Unincorporated Cook County

The new Zoning Certificate Application can be found in our Forms Library or click here to download it now.
A transcript of the notice:

Effective March 21, 2015 any property in Unincorporated Cook County that goes under contract is required to obtain a Zoning Certificate from this department in order to verify its current zoning classification, any outside building permits and outstanding violations or judgments on said property prior to the closing. A fee of $100 is charged for this service. Check or money orders should be made payable to the “COOK COUNTY COLLECTOR.” Zoning Certificate applications are available online at the department’s website ( will alleviate the problematic issue with constituents in unincorporated Cook County purchasing property believing that it is zoned one district and then when later coming in to get building permits, finding out that the property is zoned something totally different. The obtainment of a Zoning Certificate from the department prior to selling the property thereby eliminates any confusion to the new buyers as to what the underlying zoning classification is and what is permitted on said property. This form is not required for individual condominium units and is valid for 108-days from issuance.

Tim Bleuher
Building and Zoning